How to Buy Property in Turkey and Get Citizenship

Turkey residence permit by investmentIf you are a real estate investor, you can invest your money and obtain Turkish citizenship. All you have to do is to go ahead and buy property in Turkey. This is not a scam, but a proven method available for any potential real estate investor out there. You can unlock some outstanding opportunities as you invest your money in Turkish real estate industry. The most prominent benefit out of them is the opportunity to become the owner of a Turkish passport.

Can you get Turkish citizenship by investing in property available for sale in Turkey?

According to the law that exists n Turkey, you will be able to buy property in Turkey and get citizenship. You need to ensure that you are spending at least $250,000 for the purchase of property that is available for sale within the country. You can receive citizenship along with a Turkish passport. In fact, this is a great opportunity available for you to become a dual citizen.

What is the citizenship by investment scheme is all about?

Turkish nationalityMost countries are offering a golden visa scheme for the people, who are interested in investing their money to purchase property that is available for sale within their countries. You can find a similar program in Turkey as well. In fact, the citizenship program available in Turkey is more appealing when compared to the programs available in the neighboring countries such as Portugal and Spain. It is not just a faster method to obtain your Turkish passport, btu a cheaper and a straightforward option.

To obtain Turkish citizenship, you will only need to invest your money and buy property worth at least $250,000 within Turkey. Then you will need to hold that investment for a duration of three years. During the past four years, more than 9,000 people have come to Turkey and obtained their Turkish passports through this program. Therefore, you can think about going ahead to do the same as well.

Invest in Turkey

How to buy property in Turkey and get citizenship

Even though you can easily purchase property in Turkey along with your Turkish citizenship, the process can be overwhelming without having any information with you or without being present within the country. This is where you should get in touch with reputed real estate advisers to help you with locating the ideal property that is available for sale. Likewise, you should also get the help of a reputed lawyer, who will take care of the application form.

When you have expert assistance by your side, you will be able to go through the process on your own and get the information you need to refrain from getting overwhelmed. On the other hand, you can receive all the support needed to make an informed decision as well. Therefore, any person who wants to move to Turkey can take a look at this program.


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