Let’s Know Pros And Cons Before Deciding To Vape

As a new trend, vaping is much loved by many people around the world. Vaping business is quite new. But, it can be great opportunity to earn money.  This is because people tend to vape than smoke. There is an opinion that vaping is safer than smoking. Is it true? We still have limited information regarding this case. There are only a few studies about this subject. Most data on the internet are based on the experiences of the user. If you want to know more about vaping, I have compiled the information about pros and cons of vaping. The sources are both user’s experience and scientific facts.


1) Vaping does not produce bad smell

Vapor does not smell bad like cigarette smoke. This is because vaporizer does not burn the vape juice. An e-cigarette contains nicotine, rechargeable battery, flavoring, and chemicals. The atomizer will heat the liquid and then becomes vapor that you can inhale. There is no burning process like smoking.

vape juice

2) Vaping is much cheaper than smoking

Vaping equipment is quite pricey. But, it can be a much cheaper investment for a long term use than buying cigarette on a regular basis. Once you have the vaping equipment, you just need to buy the liquid that can be used several times.

3) The user can make customization

You can choose the flavor and nicotine amount of your liquid. There are many options of flavors, such as fruits, tobacco, and foods. The amount of nicotine also can be requested as you need.


1) There is a potential allergic reaction.

One of the main ingredients of vape juice is propylene glycol. This can make an allergic reaction for certain people. You should be careful when choosing the liquid. Make sure that it can be approved well by your body.

2) Safety

Battery malfunction or inappropriate charging can make an explosion. You should follow the guidelines well in order to avoid the accident.

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